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Our team

Pascal Charpentier, B.A., GPC

Investment advisor and portfolio manager

Having always been passionate about history, I first completed a bachelor’s degree in history, before beginning a programme in administration, which lead me to financial planning. Over the course of this period, I completed the securities business course, and several years later, the program in investment management.

Since 1998, I have worked in the field of investments and I have worked with the same team of advisors since 1999. We have been working with iA Securities since 2004. At the beginning of my career, one of my colleagues strongly suggested that I read the book “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham, an author that I had not heard of during my university studies. I was blown away by the intelligence of the father of fundamental analysis, who was also the professor and first employer of the famous Warren Buffett. I then adopted the “value” approach, which I have been perfecting since then. My investment decisions are also heavily based on macroeconomic analysis.

I started writing financial articles for my clients in 2005. Motivated by the idea of making my relative knowledge about investments accessible to everyone, I created a financial blog in 2015, now integrated in this website. Then, in 2018, in collaboration with the illustrator Frédéric Nony and Atnaë Lussier, a new project came to light, one where we created a series of comics based on finances.

Olivier Langlois St-Laurent, B.A.A.

Associate Investment Advisor

I joined Pascal’s team in 2015 after having completed a bachelor’s degree in finance at Université Laval. It was at this moment that I took the Canadian securities Course (CSC).

At the beginning of my work with Pascal, I immediately noticed differences between theory and practice. I had a multitude of concepts to learn, particularly those relating to the “value” investment method used by Pascal. As this method is not taught in our university courses, Pascal guided me through all of its characteristics. I am now in a position to say that it is the most high-performance method in the long term and that we act according to its parameters.

I am currently pursuing a program as a chartered financial analyst in order to have all the necessary tools to become a better portfolio manager.

Atnaë Lussier

Associate Investment Advisor

Originating from the teaching profession, I started working with Pascal sporadically about fifteen years ago assisting him in writing his financial publications. This incursion into the financial universe gradually developed my interest in this fascinating field. In 2018, I finally completed the Canadian Securites Course (CSC) in order to join Pascal’s team as Associate Investment Advisor. Since then, I’m also in charge of communications.