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Based on my 25 years of experience in the field of investments, I have witnessed all sorts of tendencies, experienced several financial cycles and closely observed the process of hundreds of companies. I am here to share my discoveries with you, to accompany you during stock fluctuations in order to optimize your return, to help you remain objective with respect to trends and tendencies and share the satisfaction of your success, as I have always done with my clientele.

Pascal Charpentier, B.A., GPC
Investment advisor and portfolio manager

Our service offer

The know-how of a seasoned portfolio manager without a middleman who can often be expensive for the client.

We work independently, without any external pressure for purchasing, buying, or promoting a given product. The financial success of our clients, individuals as well as businesses, is the goal that motivates our practice.

Individualized and flexible service

In choosing us, you are handing over not only your financial situation and your monetary needs, but also your future financial goals and dreams. In return, we give ourselves the mandate to offer you an individualized solution while echoing the details and subtleties of your situation.

Honest business relationship

You can ask questions regarding your positions at any time. As well as having access to your electronic file, you will receive regular reports by mail explaining your net cost return, our fees and return comparables in order to establish your degree of satisfaction.

Regular communication

We are committed to regularly publishing articles, comics, book recommendations and other documents on different finance-related topics. We invite you to explore these documents on this website and on our Facebook page.

A solid approach based on fundamental analysis

We analyze and select our securities ourselves in compliance with “value” investment principles.

Our stock selection criteria

A devoted team

Our shared commitment and complementarity are at the service of your success.

A flexible and simple transition for your portfolio

Once you have decided to entrust us with an asset, we will take care of filling out all the forms for you so that you only have to add your signature. If there is a transfer process, we will ensure the follow-up of this step.

Articles, comics, book recommendations, and more!

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" Finding good investments is just as difficult as finding a good fishing spot! Do we go where everyone goes? Would we prefer an unknown or under-exploited area? To find this paradise, we have to understand the ecosystem and its history. All nuances are important in order to aim for a good catch. In investment, it is the same. The management team and values of a company, its financial situation and history of resilience… all are very important. This, however, does not always show up on a chart. We must know how to read between the lines and look further. There is no secret; we must know the field. Like in fishing, there is nothing better than a good guide. I have personally learned many lessons about humility in the last 25 years. It is now clear to my family and I that our financial future depends on, among other things, a rigorous advisor with values that are similar to ours, just like you, Pascal. I appreciate your wise advice and the potential of your historian’s rigour! Thank you for helping our savings grow! "

Alain Fiset, Québec

" I am a long-time client of Pascal Charpentier and our good professional relationship has always been at the center of our business relations. He allowed me to properly understand what investing is, and the importance of relying on the intrinsic value of companies. The returns we have achieved over the years confirms the efficiency of his investment method. Honesty is one of Pascal’s strong points, in addition to his availability to explain his recommendations to us. It is what makes us feel safe with him. "

Louis Moisan, Québec

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