A safe haven

May 11, 2021

The massive printing of new dollars in the past year has set the stage for a possible dramatic rise in inflation that could cause our currency to lose much value. In such a scenario, where would the safe havens be? … LIRE LA SUITE →

The 3 Little Pigs at the Stock Exchange

April 15, 2021

While multiple indicators announce the possibility of a major and imminent stock market correction, Pascal uses the image of the 3 little pigs to explain to his friend Fred the importance of having the discipline to get prepared for the … LIRE LA SUITE →

Excessively low rates

April 15, 2021
The financial market is currently buying the prolonged low interest rates scenario announced by the central bank. We quickly forget, because recent history has given us several examples of a large gap between the central bank's key rate and the 

A Pandemic Panic

April 12, 2020

Fear is the investor’s worst enemy, and it has always been so. Here is a historical anecdote that illustrates how this emotion can create financial disaster.… LIRE LA SUITE →

The Hidden Value on the Balance Sheet

December 6, 2019

To find the intrinsic value of a company, it is sometimes necessary to delve beyond the financial statements in order to have access to the current numbers. We then discover treasures of hidden value just waiting to be revealed.… LIRE LA SUITE →


October 29, 2019

Everyone talks about the famous inversion of the curve, but what exactly is it? Should we fear an imminent recession? Is this signal still relevant in our new economy?… LIRE LA SUITE →

The Source of a Grand Slam

August 28, 2019

Continuation of “The Grand Slam” (#7). The stock market is subject to the vagaries of fashions, a major cause of the often irrational fluctuations of securities.… LIRE LA SUITE →

The 20$ Bill

February 5, 2019

Napoleon Hill, a great business thinker of the 1930s, said that only 2% of the people really think for themselves. And that hasn’t changed since! During a family outing to the Christmas market, the children learn that thinking for oneself … LIRE LA SUITE →


December 18, 2018

To answer Fred’s questions about cannabis titles, Pascal takes us on a tour of some famous bubbles from history. The greed is often stronger than rationality…… LIRE LA SUITE →

The oak

November 29, 2018

The quality of a company’s fundamentals is not always represented in the price of its share. This is the very principle of stock market deals! Will this allegory of the oak convince you?… LIRE LA SUITE →