SÉLECTION 2024. Titre 6: Nutrien (NTR)

février 9, 2024

Après les métaux refuge et l’énergie, un titre dans le secteur de l’agriculture tel que Nutrien est un incontournable. En effet, faire pousser des aliments est à la base de notre survie, et peu importe le contexte économique, ce domaine … LIRE LA SUITE →

The Trap

janvier 10, 2022

Can you resist the temptations of quick wins when the market is on fire? Resist impatience when the market stalls or resist panic when it drops? Do you coldly underweight the dangers behind an investment that is too good to … LIRE LA SUITE →

Broken Bottles

octobre 22, 2021

As with alcohol, the effects of monetary expansion are initially pleasant, if not exhilarating. Economy and finance are enjoying their new cocktail together … until inflation kicks in.

At first, the party’s hosts (the financial authorities) seek to deny the … LIRE LA SUITE →

The 3 Little Pigs at the Stock Exchange

avril 15, 2021

While multiple indicators announce the possibility of a major and imminent stock market correction, Pascal uses the image of the 3 little pigs to explain to his friend Fred the importance of having the discipline to get prepared for the … LIRE LA SUITE →

Against the Tide

septembre 8, 2020

Angling: what a great school! Little Colin will long remember this memorable fishing trip which not only offered him a great lesson of life for the man he will become, but also a pearl of wisdom for the investor he … LIRE LA SUITE →